Summer Harte-Felce Wears Pink Mini Dress, Looks Amazing In Latest Instagram Pictures

The TikTok and Instagram influencer looks gorgeous in the Bella Barnett dress.

Summer Harte-Felce wears a stunning pink dress in April 2023 Instagram post (Via @summerharte_)

With striking beauty, excellent style, and a flair for quality content, social creator Summer Harte-Felce has amassed impressive followings on TikTok and Instagram. As of press time, she boasts nearly 300K on the former and over 130K on the latter.

Those qualities are all on display in her latest Instagram post.

Consisting of four pictures, the gallery finds Summer wearing the Winey Strapless Mini Dress from Bella Barnett — and looking utterly stunning.

Summer calls the outfit the “dress of dreams” in the caption for the post, which also tags her management JAF Media and JayJayPR.

With content like this appearing regularly on her feeds, one should expect Summer’s impressive follower and engagement levels to continue rising in the months ahead. Fashion fans — and brands — should take notice of the model and dancer.

The new post and some other recent standouts follow.


Written by Headline Planet Content Team

Long a leading source for television and music news, Headline Planet also spotlights up-and-coming social influencers (as well as some standout content from established superstars) in its "Hot On Social" series.


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