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First Look: “Glee” Welcomes Blam for a New York “Bash”

Glee - Bash - FOX Image

To those who defend the creative state of “Glee,” Blam–the bromance between Darren Criss’ Blaine and Chord Overstreet’s Sam–is one of the show’s most bankable assets.

To those who believe “Glee” jumped the proverbial shark after season two, that coupling encapsulates everything wrong with the current incarnation of FOX’s one-time pop culture phenomenon.

But whether you love or hate Blam, you will not soon be able to forget Blam. Both Blaine and Sam will become part of the show’s central New York setting, and production photos for the April 8 “Bash” episode reveal they will definitely be interacting.

FOX’s three episodic photos–all in high-resolution–follow. Click the thumbnails to access the full versions:

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