“Glee” fans got their wish in principle.

And come April 1, they will find out whether they put their will behind the right cause.

Following the two Lima-set episodes “100” and “New Directions,” which air this week and next week, respectively, “Glee” will shift the entirety of its focus to the New York setting.

While several characters presently rooted in Ohio will also make the move, the emphasis on New York will also place a bigger spotlight on the Big Apple’s existing inhabitants. In a first look at the “New New York” episode, which airs April 1, FOX reveals that characters like Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Elliott (Adam Lambert) will have time to shine.

Lea Michele’s Rachel, meanwhile, will continue to reign as the show’s star.

FOX’s high-resolution production photos from “New New York” follow. Click the thumbnails and then the expanded images to view the full-size versions: