“American Idol” Finally Confirms Its Top Three; Who Was Eliminated?

It has been a long, low-rated season for “American Idol.” It has been one that has produced some of the show’s best performances of all-time, but in a classic “tree in the forest” scenario, never generated much accompanying buzz.

Still, there is always something special about the “American Idol” finals, and we are now just two weeks away from that ending.

Before getting there, however, one more must go. And it will be one of the top three–Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet.

Naturally, that means that Hollie Cavanagh was eliminated. Cavanagh’s elimination was far from a shocker, but her journey most certainly was. She started out as what appeared to be a “fodder” contestant designed to keep the spotlight on some of the producers’ and fans’ favorites. But she parlayed a strong voice, an improving stage presence and a likable personality to outlast some very popular contestants, two of whom–Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine–had, at various points, been considered potential winners.

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