WWE Views Undertaker as “Retired,” But WrestleMania 28 Return Still Possible

Though it is almost an inevitability that he will work another match, sources within WWE tell that Undertaker is officially viewed as “retired” by the company.

WWE has yet to make any formal announcement to the effect, but with his body in far worse shape from injuries than has been let on, sources say that he is not at all expected to make a near-term return to the ring. What is essentially a “retirement” for ‘Taker at least partially explains why Diva Michelle McCool, his wife, exited WWE last weekend, as it allows them to more properly settle down.

Ultimately, however, the expectation is that Undertaker will find a way to work WrestleMania 28, if for nothing else than to improve his streak to 20-0. Triple H’s post-WrestleMania 27 promo on RAW strongly hinted at a rematch with ‘Taker for either Summerslam or WrestleMania, and if it does happen, it now looks like the latter is the destination.


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  1. Please, no more matches with HHH. He had his chance – not once but twice, and couldn’t end the streak. Let somebody fresh face Taker now, like maybe a returning Jericho.

  2. HHH is a good competitor but a WrestleMania opponent? No. I believe HHH is suitable for Summerslam’s because he said he’d be waiting — one thing WWE is bad at is dragging. Look about Rock and Cena’s feud… WM28?! That’ll give me the idea that Rock and JC are actually calling the WWE shots off for a while to act some movies that’ll try to make it big. I’d be happy to see Undertaker against Sting or Diesel (again) because they’re bot 7′ fighters and veterans. So far, I think HHH is still an elite class instead of veteran — his moves are still quick and powerful. Undertaker’s has worn out over time due to his age and injury so if the speed is to be equaled — a match between Undertaker and Sting will be memorable for a 20-0.

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