Sources within WWE have confirmed that the intended subject of the “2-21-11” video on Monday’s WWE RAW was Undertaker, but with word out, it remains to be seen if WWE will stick to that original plan.

Given the cryptic nature of the video and the fact that Undertaker’s pre-WrestleMania return had been common knowledge, many fans and industry types convinced themselves that the promo was for someone more surprising. But sources say what was made explicit by localized ads within the Fresno, California area for that RAW–Undertaker is supposed to return on that date.

WWE often does not like word to get out, so it might be inclined to change the target of the ads. The probability of that new target being Sting, however, is presently unclear.

Sting has definitely not re-signed with TNA, and insiders within that promotion have noted their expectations that the wrestling veteran is finally WWE-bound. But Sting has not yet signed, and even if things start to look promising about signing the wrestler in time for ‘Mania, the company might not want to commit its “2-21-11” campaign to a talent whose appearance is not guaranteed.