WWE’s “2-21-11″ Surprise Revealed, But What Does it Mean for Sting?

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Sources within WWE have confirmed that the intended subject of the “2-21-11″ video on Monday’s WWE RAW was Undertaker, but with word out, it remains to be seen if WWE will stick to that original plan.

Given the cryptic nature of the video and the fact that Undertaker’s pre-WrestleMania return had been common knowledge, many fans and industry types convinced themselves that the promo was for someone more surprising. But F4WOnline.com sources say what was made explicit by localized ads within the Fresno, California area for that RAW–Undertaker is supposed to return on that date.

WWE often does not like word to get out, so it might be inclined to change the target of the ads. The probability of that new target being Sting, however, is presently unclear.

Sting has definitely not re-signed with TNA, and insiders within that promotion have noted their expectations that the wrestling veteran is finally WWE-bound. But Sting has not yet signed, and even if things start to look promising about signing the wrestler in time for ‘Mania, the company might not want to commit its “2-21-11″ campaign to a talent whose appearance is not guaranteed.

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  • john

    LOL! What a waste of promo and time for it to be The Undertaker. If WWE has an sense left and with the early high speculations it was STING. Vince McMahon should throw whatever it would take and give Sting what he wants before 2-21-11 to secure the promo as Sting before they ruin it. WWE better start shelling out big bucks for big name’s cause for $1,000 tickets to WrestleMania in Atlanta their better be big name’s worth having and THE MIZ and Albert Del Rios cannot be the future of the WWE if they are then I’d start packing your bags and shutting the doors before WWE goes down in flames.

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  • undertaker2/21/11

    Do the math… the date was 2-21-11, right? so 2-21 is 19 and 1-1 is 0, put the answers together 19-0 whitch is undertakers streak if he wins at wrestlemania 27. he’s returning to defend his streak

    • Logan

      Sorry But 2-21 is -19 so FUCK U

  • Andy

    2-21 is -19 LOL! 21-2 is 19…looking too far in depth BUT its not Sting tho, he wil NEVER sign with WWE he hate Vince and how he runs things. Promo is obviously for the Undertaker

  • Arbone

    STing doesn’t hate Vince McMahon AT ALL, that’s bullshit. He just never could com to terms on a deal. Taker’s just too obvious. WHy spend a budget on mystery vignettes for a guy who they’re openly advertising? As if WWE didn’t think the local ads and details on the Save Mart Center website wouldn’t hit the web immediately lol. WWE are working us over real good. 2.21.11 marks the the debut of the icon, STING.

  • paul

    if this promo which is one of the best promos wwe has made in years is for the undertaker making yet another return its going to be unbelievably disappointing not to mention undertaker will be back for a few weeks and then right after wrestlemania he will be gone for months again i hope wwe does this right and makes this promo for sting

  • The Other Guy

    It would be pointless for WWE to make vigettes for someone who is already under contract with them such as The Undertaker or Triple H. This vigette has the same crow Sting style that WCW used for him in around 1997. The only other option is WWE are using this as a swerve and it turns out to be someone entirely different and therefore probably a letdown. However with WWE’s quality of writing now it is debatable whether they are that clever any more. As for Kong it doesn’t look remotely like her, doesn’t fit her character and she isn’t a big enough character to warrant a vigette.

  • PGPS

    Look at Stings facebook page. big clue much

  • brkenhartdangel

    i agree it would be pointless for wwe to make promos for superstars already signed with them, but it is the wwe and they have always done that. when a superstar goes out for and injury or personal reasons and they are gone for a long time they end up doing some stupid promo for their return they have done it with undertaker before, and kane and numerous others, so i wouldnt doubt that it would be the undertaker

  • http://headlineplanet.com tony

    its not the undertaker think about it 2 21 11
    is on a monday he fights on SMACKDOWN, SO I THINK IT IS STING!!!

  • Ryan

    At the very end the 2-21-11 turns into smoke quickly spelling out sting. You tube it ;)

  • Bleaz

    On his official website there is a link at the bottom to get “official WWE ringtones and wallpapers”! That would be a serious hint in my eyes!

  • Jeff

    Her are my thoughts:
    Sting watches from the shadows right? Well in the latest promo at :26 there is a grave on the right.
    In my opinion Sting is watching over The Undertakers grave waiting for him to come back. On 2-21-11 The Undertaker will come back and at the end of Raw Sting will make his debut.
    So there for the promo must be for both superstarts!

  • http://www.headlineplanet.com Thomas Moreno

    On 2-21-11 which indeed will be a Monday, the night after the Elimination Chamber. The show will began with winners fronm the nights Elimination Chamber. Around 9:00 pm, The Undertaker will come out and make his return and he will talk about how he needs a real challenge for Wrestlemania 27! Then the lights will go off and he will look at the rafters and there we will have it. The debut of the Icon, Sting. He will look at Undertaker with the bat then go to the ring on a rope somehow like Shawn Michaels did at that one Wrestlemania and hw will challenge the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Undertaker will talk about he does he think he can just come in here and beat a legendary streak. Sting will say: You know why, CAUSE IT’S SHOWTIME! There will have a huge staredown and Undertaker will leave the ring and enough time to let the fans react to Sting’s debut. It’s will be a night to never forget. At Wrestlemania 27, I hate to say it but Undertaker will defeat Sting because letting Sting win would be like letting Sonic come into Nintendo and take over with’s games over Mario!

  • Kim

    I was absolutely convinced that the 2-21-11 promos were for The Undertaker. What I couldn’t figure out was why if they were for The Undertaker, was RAW showing them. After all The Undertaker is basically the cornerstone of the Smackdown roster. Why would he goover to RAW.

    The Sting angle makes sense. I’m not saying that I necessary agree with the possible. One other possibility is the promos are to hype up a WrestleMania match between Triple H and The Undertaker. What a match that would be. Here’s the angle. Since Shawn Michaels won’t be coming back. The revenge amgle would be that Triple H would fight against The Undertaker, because Triple H blames The Undertaker for retiring of Shawn Michaels. Let’s remember on thing here, we are talking about professional wrestling.

  • Dave

    Guys, I would absolutely love for this to be STING. But one thing that isnt being talked about, is the song! “Ain’t no GRAVE that can keep my body down.” Where was ‘Taker last seen? BURIED ALIVE MATCH. think about that…

  • rob

    Here is how I would book it…Sting comes in and has a classic with match with Undertaker, Taker has to go over obviously but somehow Sting gets kind of screwed over, foot on the ropes etc. etc., next night on RAW he leads a total WCW invasion done the RIGHT WAY..sign Goldberg have him interfere on Edge with a spear..have DDP come back,etc. etc. I am assuming RAW after Mania will be in Georgia somewhere so there will be huge pops for old WCW guys, Sting becomes the leader of this group and the ratings obviously go through the roof like when NWO was done correctly…plus it ties in perfect with the NITRO Dvd release…if only they were smart enough to pull this off, gotta be better TV than watching Cena vs INSERT NAME HERE

  • jeff

    I have inside knowledge from sources reliable to me that sting will be on raw that night.

  • Dave

    From sources reliable to you, or reliable to everyone? Watch the new commercial and tell me who it is….

  • shad melton

    regarding 2-21-2011, I have a prediction which is, what part-3 look at the mustache”Triple H. when they show his chest up to his mustache pause it right there. wwe raw!

  • Evilcore666

    Theres good reason to believe it’s the Undertaker. If you go to WWE.com the 2/21/11 vignette is tagged to Undertakers profile and no one elses.

  • nigel

    in the video of 2 21 11 is the undertaker because if you guys would listen to the song that is by johnny cash no grave that was one of the undertaker’s enterance theame songs.and sting never had candles like this person in the 2 21 11 video and sting through out wrestling never wore a hat like the undertaker if you look at the promo again the person has a hat on.



  • keith

    if you guys watch the all the videos you see two people in the third video sting is ressurecting the undertaker for wrestlemania so undertaker will return but the debut of the icon sting will be 2/21/11 bank on it

  • Ioan Mihnea Marinescu

    -2 + 21 X 1 X 1= 19
    2 21 11 means Sting and 19, as u can see up!

  • Scooter

    I am going out on a limb, Shawn Micheals vs. Undertaker III. Shawn’s last match and he wins this time. Watch the Promo. Shawn is coming back one more time.

  • Ian

    has anyone thought that it could be the return of the undertaker along with the ministry of darkness?

  • jeff

    It is sting my sources r always right. Both him n taker will b on raw

  • http://N.A Khhhhhh

    I thing WWe is Rehiring their LEGENDS !!!

  • http://www.wwe.com Ganesh

    I think mr.macmohan want to see Sting and Undertaker both so 2 21 11 is to for come back of Sting and at next time Undertaker return.

  • http://www.wwe.com Ganesh

    Also there are twist coz batista or triple h can also return.So that man dressed like Undertaker.

  • http://www.wwe.com Ganesh

    Hey i want to see the match John cena v Undertaker ‘I QUIT MATCH’ at any wrestlemania. Can anyone tell to wwe manager please, so they start to make chemistry between both these Legends.

  • Hobble

    I think it’s Sting and Undertaker hinted at in the promos.

    Just for laughs though, what if the Undertaker looking man was actually Nash as fake Undertaker again :D

  • joshua

    if you look at the promo there is one person in the hut and one person out there is gunna be two returns

  • http://WWE.com cici_sukaaah

    i think john cena and randy orton are two of the bombest guys who ever lived<3`