Media Outlet Takes Shots At WWE RAW, Al Sharpton

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The Durham Herald-Sun is the latest media outlet to criticize the Reverend Al Sharpton for booking a gig as a WWE RAW guest host, with the commentator noting, “I haven’t been this disappointed since MC Hammer was dancing around with a bucket of fried chicken in those KFC commercials back in the day.”

Calling Sharpton’s scheduled WWE appearance evidence of “hard times for Civil Rights leaders,” author Paul Scott adds, “Now, I know that WWE has millions of viewers but I just don’t see why the good Rev would lower himself to appear on a show with overweight men in tights beating each other’s brains out with steel chairs.”

Noting Sharpton’s goal of promoting his education initiative, the outlet does not believe WWE represents a good venue for the cause, likening Sharpton appearing on RAW to “Gloria Steinem [doing] an appearance at a strip club to promote her new book on Sexism.”

“So, whatcha gonna do Al, blindside Randy Orton with an encyclopedia on his way to the ring,” the author asks.

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