You've heard about it - now hear *it.* Listen to Zedd's remix of MAGIC!'s smash hit "Rude."

Those even remotely dialed into the EDM and pop music communities are undoubtedly aware that DJ-producer Zedd has been making waves with a remix of MAGIC!’s multi-week number one hit “Rude.”

Those individuals no longer need to frantically search YouTube for a live version of mediocre quality. A studio version of the remix, which Zedd premiered at this year’s Lollapalooza, is now available.

Posted to SoundCloud Thursday, the 5:28 “Extended Remix” is sure to please fans of both artists–and dance-pop in general–satisfied. It is also sure to keep interest swirling around “Rude,” which saw its reign atop the Billboard Hot 100 come to an end this week.

The audio is available below: