FOX’s “Glee” Posts Weak Ratings, Viewership Low in New Timeslot

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Update: According to Nielsen’s final broadcast ratings, “Glee” scored a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating with 2.99 million viewers.

The 1.2 ranks as the series’ third-lowest rating; only this season’s “Previously Unaired Christmas” (1.1) and “Puppet Master” (0.9) delivered weaker numbers. The latter aired on the Thanksgiving holiday.

The 2.99 million viewer total ranks as the series’ second-lowest count; only “Puppet Master” garnered a smaller audience (2.84 million).

“New Girl” closed at a 1.4 with 2.84 million viewers, while “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” delivered a 1.3 with 2.66 million.

Update: The new timeslot was not enough to revive “Glee.” Tuesday’s midseason premiere averaged a non-holiday low 2.92 million viewers. Only this year’s “Puppet Master,” which aired to little fanfare on Thanksgiving Day, garnered a smaller audience.

“Frenemies,” Tuesday’s episode, delivered a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating in its first half hour and a 1.1 in its second. That average is currently rounded up to a 1.2 in the fast nationals; if it holds in the finals, the performance will narrowly top that of “Previously Unaired Christmas.”

With a 1.1 rating, that fall finale episode ranks as the worst performing non-holiday edition in the adults 18-49 demographic.

FOX followed “Glee” with low-rated editions of “New Girl” (1.4, 2.85 million) and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (1.3, 2.63 million).

In the most shocking television news story of the season, stripping “Glee” of it music competition series lead-in and placing it head-to-head with NBC’s monster “The Voice” was not successful.

According to TVMI,Tuesday’s “Glee,” the first episode of 2014 and the first in its new Tuesday at 8PM timeslot, posted a series low 2.2 overnight household ratings. Down from the 2.4 posted by the final 2013 airing, which competed with NBC’s “The Sound of Music,” the rating is an irrefutable disaster.

In performing so poorly, “Glee” also failed to reinvigorate FOX’s critically acclaimed but low rated Tuesday sitcoms. “New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine Nine,” which followed “Glee,” could only muster a 2.2 and 2.0, respectively.

Despite the dramatic loss of buzz and even more dramatic loss of viewership, “Glee” is still confirmed for a sixth season at FOX.

  • Shananana

    Well, it was an awful episode and did anybody believe or even care about
    anything that happened? Third tier players fought over a title they
    didn’t even bother with last graduation. Rachel apparently has no idea
    how Broadway and understudies work. There was a thing with Chris all
    over yet another dude who isn’t actually his fiance because you can show
    anything gay so long as it’s not about love (or maybe they just hate
    each other lots like the blinds say and Chris is more interested in
    getting new love interests and Darren fired, hard to even argue it now).

    • Ross

      I wouldn’t believe that blind gossip, the site is full of bullshit and the article that says that Chris wanst a new love interest for Kurt was written by Tvline, they hate Blaine/Klaine and made things up in the past, like the one about kadam joining a brotherhood (when it was Finn and Puck) and Kurt going to Russia, lol. They probably took a sentence that Chris said when Klaine was broken up and twisted it in the context they wanted. Also,the guy who wrote the article is not even the same reporter from TVline who was at the celebretion of the 100th episode, so i’m sure they made up most of the things. I don’t understand why we have to bring the actors in glee storylines problems, they don’t write the show.

    • syuhadah

      It because they know Glee is a shitty show with too much overexposure of awful actor & untalented bland overrated singer. Their bringing Adam Lambert cant hep the rating when the audience know, Glee will back focusing to Lima with that Bland. Kurt & Elliot are pretty much the only gold in the show. Stop blaming Chris & try to look the obvious reason.

    • PT25

      It’s called Meta and the Glee writers making fun of Lea. When Lea was 8 years old she told the director of Les Mis she didn’t need an understudy because she didn’t need any days off lol!

  • Debbi

    Uhm… how’s a 2.2 a series low? The last episode got a 1.1.

    • Brian Cantor

      The last episode did a 2.4 in the comparable overnight metered market ratings. It did a 1.1 in adults 18-49.

      This week’s adults 18-49 number will likely land in the 1.0-1.2 range as well.

  • CommanderBlue

    I really love Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, and Sam, so I’m looking forward to the NY stuff, but at this rate the show is kind of limping its way there. This episode’s promotion was all about Pezberry and Adam Lambert and it didn’t make a lick of difference, I don’t think anything could bring people back. With the 6th season as the last, I don’t think that’s really a concern of theirs anyways. I just hope everyone has fun in the time that’s left for the show and that the 6th season isn’t shortened.

  • E25

    I have seem the spoilers for the all NY stuff. Not happy at all they have written Santana out to make way for Sam and Blam! Seriously? Blam couldn’t even win the PCA with all the begging Chord and Darren did to win it while Pezberry didn’t beg and won. Once again Glee NY gets good only to have Blam take over like they did Lima. They deserve these horrible ratings and come time for Blam NY they will just fall lower.
    Sam over Santana? What a load of BS!

  • Tom

    Glee up to 1.2 (up in both 18-49 and 18-34) from 1.1 and 0.9 in its last two episodes. New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine also up a tenth in 18-49 from their last new episodes. So much for an “irrefutable disaster.”