Taylor Swift Faked Out During Album of the Year Grammy Reveal

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Taylor Swift’s “stunned” face has become something of an awards show staple.

At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, viewers witnessed what happens when that “stunned face” becomes a “gutted face.”

Like her fellow nominees–and the millions watching–Taylor Swift was on the edge of her seat as the Grammy winner for Album of the Year was finally revealed.

So anxious was Swift, however, that she forgot “Red,” her Grammy-nominated LP, was not the only album in the race to begin with the letter “R.”

Upon first hearing that “R” sound, Swift and her camp seamed to react to the pleasant surprise of victory.

Unfortunately, the “R” began the words “Random Access Memories” rather than “Red.” And as it became clear that the Daft Punk album defeated Swift’s album for the most coveted Grammys trophy, the hearts of Swift, those seated near her, and millions of onlooking Swifties sank through the floor.

A GIF chronicling the transformation was quickly posted online:

  • avalon

    No mater what her reaction was you would turn around and try and make her look like she is did something wrong. She had a simple human reaction at a tense moment and you tear her apart she then stood up and clapped and people who hate her say was phony for clapping.

  • brianc6234

    It would have helped if they said Random instead of Rendom. Besides, Daft Punk sucks. That crap isn’t music. Everyone who voted for it should be banned from voting for the Grammys. Every other album up for AotY was more worthy. Go back to France you stupid robots.