Will Champlin Responds to Adam Levine’s Apparent Tessanne Favoritism

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“I know, in my mind and in my heart, that you are the winner of this show.”

In most contexts, Adam Levine’s declaration, delivered to Tessanne Chin after her showstopping rendition of “I Have Nothing,” would have made for a touching, flawless endorsement.

Monday’s final season five “The Voice” performance show was not one of those scenarios.

In effectively crowning Chin the winner, Levine was not simply declaring his preference for Chin over Team Christina Aguilera contestant Jacquie Lee. He was also revealing that he favored Chin over his own contestant Will Champlin.

Levine only amplified that perception of favoritism when, following Champlin’s rendition of “(Everything I Do) I Do it For You,” he commented, “I can’t see any negatives in the fact that you are here in the final three. So really, regardless of the outcome, I kind of couldn’t care less about it….You’ve won, you’re here, it’s over.”

For one of his contestants, Levine felt it imperative to crown her the singular winner of the show. For another, he was content to celebrate his mere involvement in the show’s finale.

To the extent that Levine is involved in a competition with fellow coach Aguilera, his desire to push the team member he believes is his strongest is understandable. But insofar as all contestants count on full support from their coaches, Levine’s clear favoritism seemed unfair to Will Champlin.

Unlike Tessanne and Jacquie, Will faced the burden of not being his own coach’s pick to win.

As discussion about the line began to consume Twitter, Champlin publicly weighed in.

“Yes I heard what @adamlevine said about Tess before I performed,” wrote Champlin. “Don’t need him to think Im a winner or want me to win-I want it enough myself.”

Champlin quickly deleted his comment, but when a user confronted the contestant with a screenshot, he explained, “I’m sorry you feel that way. No drama, just an honest response to the many questions &comments. I feel I should weigh in.”

(Update: Regarding the deleted Tweet, Champlin also added, “So somehow my tweet was deleted amidst the replies, but to recap: I feel like a winner & very thankful no matter what anyone says or does.“)

Champlin was, however, sure to include praise for his fellow finalists. “Let me also say that @Tessanne & @jacquieleemusic are beyond spectacular!They deserve every wonderful thing that comes their way. Much love!”

NBC’s “The Voice” will crown its fifth winner during Tuesday’s live results show.

  • Mary Calver

    Sad so many had seen the total disregard to WIll’s outstanding performance….his total story is remarkable and he has the best gained from this show & will continue long after. Will is the only contestant with positive remarks for his fellow competitors…UNLIKE the other two female contesters

    • T.A.A

      Had you read any of Tessanne’s tweets you would have not made that final
      statement, she has ALWAYS humbled herself before all the others. She
      typically praises every single contestant. Don’t blame her for something
      her coach, or any one for that matter, has said.

      • Shaun Jones

        I agree with you

      • Elisabeth

        Just 1 thing. She is so gracious, beautiful, gorgeous voice – but Will was sacrificed by Adam for her. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut if my coach did that for me – I would cringe. Singing in front of America when the politics are going on — quite tough. So yes, Tessann should be gracious to all. And truly, feel bad that Will was hurt while she got all the praises. Will has such loyal fans & he is very gifted, so it will be exciting to see his success & hers. He is a real inspiration the way he weathered all this! You’ll see also, this issue with what Adam did will continue to be addressed. BW to both!!

    • Coalieb

      You need to go & read Tess’s comments & shut the hell up. #Stupid!!!!!!

    • Dom

      Tessanne has always been humble though….cant say the same for the screamer.

      • Elisabeth

        Haha. That’s what my older mother calls her. Hard on the hearing aid. Jacquie will grow into all that power. Gotta give her credit & XTina was #stellar but a few more years will help too to develop more nuance.

    • Sallysuelee

      You’re talking what you dont know.. all you have to do is go to @Tessanne Chin’s FB page or Twitter and see how she continuously heaps praises on ALL the other contestants.

    • Twayson Edwards

      thirsty ass natsi

    • Zara Williams-N

      Go on Tessanne’s facebook page…I hear more about Will than I hear on the actual show :/

    • Shaun Jones

      Mary lets be fair…. it was the other coaches responsibility to have other contestants in the finals, now Adam is saddled with two because of his great skills. THOSE ARE THE SAME SKILLS THAT ALLOW HIM AS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL TO BE ABLE TO SAY IF A CONTESTANT IS THE WINNER IN HIS MIND…. Lets ask ourselves, is Tessanne a better vocalist than Will?

      • Mary Calver


      • ☺♪۞ Alba Rosa ♥♫☼

        Adam is saddled with two because of Tessanne_&_Will’s talent and the support of the fans of who trusts in them.

      • Elisabeth

        No, she is not. They are EACH great in their own ways. She is lovely, a female powerhouse singer, big notes. Did she move here for a short time to win the Voice & go home? Will has a great tone, quite a range also & is very creative, writes his own songs. U should hear all he has done previous on his own studio time. You don’t to to Berkeley Music School w/ o mad talent. He’s going to be big, just as I hope Tessann is. Will was treated unfairly on national television. I was sick to my stomach. The #voters were suppose to choose w/out pressure & manipulation. Have lost much respect for the Voice, & Ivam not alone

    • Shanique Sutherland

      obviously you are blind to when tess is back stage encouraging all the contestants when she her self has to perform.

  • Caribbean Brony

    Go Tessanne go!

  • Dan Miles

    Tessanne has released a cd in jamaica and should not be allowed on the show. Great talent but she obviously was popular enough in jamaica if she had heavy radio rotation there and even radio rotation in the US.

    • Zara Williams-N

      I don’t see any rules about that. Just says you have to be legally in the US, 15 or older, not running for public office, not an employee of the Voice, able to go to all shooting times, and able to do a background check.Also I’m pretty sure that if she was ineligible someone would’ve caught up on that by now. Anyway, if there’s a big problem with that I think you should petition so the rules are changed for next year – but for now, there’s nothing you/we can do.

    • Roje Facey

      There have been other professional singers on the voice in past seasons that sang for a living and they were allowed to perform so your comment is heavily biased or you did no research at all and you are just hating on this talented singer

    • Brian Cantor

      Amateur status is not a requirement for participation in “The Voice.” There have been past contestants with far more experience, exposure and industry success than Tessanne.

      Season three winner Cassadee Pope, for instance, was part of Hey Monday, which had a major label deal in the US and two minor hits. “How You Love Me Now,” one of them, received Top 40 airplay. “Candles,” the other, was covered in a pivotal scene on “Glee.”

    • Chris Not-abuser Brown

      If you consider yourself a “singer” and you do not have a cd, you may as well not go on the Voice. Every young artist has a cd to promote themselves. Don’t fault Tessanne for having someone that believed in her to spend money on her.

    • MeDoneTalk

      Will released an album in 2008. It’s available on iTunes. I guess by your logic, he should not have been in the competition either!

  • Shanique Sutherland

    get lives people, the voice is a big enough show, we need not make unnecessary drama, let the contestants enjoy the experience and take home positive memories, win or lose.

  • Mary

    You didn’t see Blake pull a stunt like that when he had the The Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradberry in the finals. It defeats the purpose if being a coach. Then it is the last show, I thought it looked super tacky of Adam and I even like Tessanne. Let the best win and leave if to the voters they came that far no need to knock some one down . Completely Unnecessary!!

  • fingerplucker

    Proof Adam is a dick. I wouldn’t want to be on any team he is the leader of. .

  • Jasona Mraz

    Well now we get a good idea that this really is a reality show and that there really wasn’t any rigging involved. I mean, if Will had the gall to comment about what Adam said and for some ‘unknown’ reason, had to delete it, we know that what Will said might have been inappropriate for The Voice. But hey, what Will was said was REAL. :)

    Like Adam, I did see Tessanne winning The Voice Crown. Honestly, it’s all about iTune downloads. If you were a Music Company and wanted to make money on a talented singer, you would need some concrete data to help you evaluate whether or not the singer is worth the money you’re investing. And honestly, Tessanne had lots of downloads compared to Will Champlin. Adam Levine may have said his comments out of emotion, but the iTune downloads really speak for itself.