Stefan Struve Reveals X-Ray with Broken Jaw; Fallout From UFC Fight with Hunt

When Mark Hunt drilled Stefan Struve with a left hook in the third round of their UFC on Fuel fight Saturday, there was no doubt in “Super Samoan”‘s mind. He had defeated the 6’11” fighter via knockout and had moved another notch up the heavyweight latter.

But for viewers, the situation was more confusing. While Hunt walked away from Struve in victory, referee Herb Dean had not officially stepped in, and it was not entirely clear the fight was over.

Then, moments later, Dean did stop the fight to declare Hunt the winner.

It was later confirmed that Struve had suffered a broken jaw in the exchange and thus had to discontinue the fight. Hunt’s punch also knocked a tooth into Struve’s cheek in the fight’s brutal final strike.

Struve took to Twitter Sunday to share an X-ray of the damage:

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