Lily Rowland Looks Stunning In New Bikini Pictures, Instagram Following Continues To Soar

The social media star has been posting huge gains on Instagram.

Lily Rowland looks beautiful while enjoying a boat day (Via @lilyrowland1)

Already in the million follower club on TikTok, social media creator Lily Rowland is starting to make big waves on Instagram.

In addition to scoring huge engagement numbers for just about every recent post, the model/influencer has added 50,000 followers in a matter of weeks. She currently boasts over 175K on the platform — and seems poised to reach 200K Instagram followers in the very near future.

Content quality has obviously played a big role; Rowland routinely showcases her killer style and striking beauty, and Thursday’s update is no exception.

The gallery finds Rowland looking characteristically stunning while wearing a Bydee bikini on a boat. Resonant out of the gate, the post amassed over 10K likes in just 40 minutes.

The new post follows, as do some other standouts that prove why Lily Rowland is a social creator to watch.


Written by Headline Planet Content Team

Long a leading source for television and music news, Headline Planet also spotlights up-and-coming social influencers (as well as some standout content from established superstars) in its "Hot On Social" series.


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