R. Kelly, Allison Iraheta No Match For Andrea Bocelli, Susan Boyle (Album Sales)

New releases from R. Kelly and “American Idol” finalist Allison Iraheta will not compete with holdovers from Andrea Bocelli and Susan Boyle on next week’s album sales chart, according to one-day figures from Hits Daily Double.

Based on Tuesday’s performance, R. Kelly’s “Untitled” is projected to move about 100,000 copies this week. Iraheta’s “Just Like You” will open considerably lower, likely in the 25-35,000 range.

Iraheta’s lukewarm debut–considerably below the near-200,000 first week figure for fellow finalist Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment–was to be expected. Though Iraheta’s sound, which has been likened to P!nk and Kelly Clarkson, appeared the most commercially-viable of any “Idol” contestant this year, she consistently struggled to build a passionate fanbase. To date, her album also lacks the hit single needed to fuel interest from non-“Idol” diehards.

Bocelli’s “My Christmas” and Boyle’s “I Dreamed a Dream” should both do at least 300,000 this week as they battle for the top spot.

Juvenile’s “Cocky and Confident” will start at around 20-25,000.

Written by Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor is the editor-in-chief for Headline Planet. He has been a leading reporter in the music, movie, television and sporting spaces since 2002.

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  1. Listen to Allison again. Not bad for a first effort of a 17 year old. She will be fine, and you will look bad, long term.

  2. Iraheta’s Lukewarm debut? Please wake up, Mr Brian. There are MANY potential hit singles on her album, especially Scars. But we’ll see, won’t we?

  3. Best wishes to Allison. She was the best in my opinion, next to Danny Gokey, to come from this season’s Idol. Far more impressive and talented than Adam “desperate for attention” Lambert or Kris “Ambien” Allen. Hopefully a single off the album will be a big hit and get her some airplay as I haven’t heard her yet on any of NC’s radio stations.

  4. WTF is wrong with these posts? This is the second one I think, her album just came out less than two days ago, and you are already anticipating the sales? WOW!!!

    Anyways, go ROCK GODDESS !!!

  5. Allison Iraheta was only given a five-dollar promotion budget of her debut album (which majorly *%$#* me off!)…

    Allison Iraheta deserves to have the kind of promotion that Kris Allen and Adam Lambert had!

    You’ll all see .. one day .. Allison Iraheta would also have the day that you’ll all drop your jaws because of her AMAZING STAR QUALITY AND UNIQUE VOICE!

  6. Allison will sell more than you projected. Her album is incredible. She may not get the media hype like her predicessors. That will change. She is seriously gifted. She appeals to teeangers and the older crowd who love rock. She will be iconic and a rocker chick. Allsion will be around a long time. Get your hearing checked.

  7. The world will always put down talented teenage girls unless they strip or dance on a poll. And God forbid, if they come off of Idol. Diana DeGarmo, season 3 runner-up was 17 when she debuted her album too. This industry is cruel. I wish Allison the best of luck, I’m sure she’s going to be around for a while.

  8. I am fifty years old, and I also think her album is awesome. But again, some only listen to crappy music. The best of luck, Allison, you deserve it.

  9. She is in for the long haul. I wish they would have released it in January but she’ll do fine. Pretty tough competition this week. I have yet to read a bad review.

  10. I also dont understand why people are already dismissing Allison Iraheta’s debut and I also dont get why she didn’t get more promotion. I mean they already put money into her so why not put money into promoting to make sure she does well. Her album is really good. I think if people just heard it they would see how great it is. The single that was pick had to be the weakest song on the album, another failure on her label’s part. They need to put out some of the more emotional songs instead of trying to go for teen pop. I was so surprised at how good the album is and have tried to spread the word but its really annoying hearing all these doom sayers out there when the album has only been out such a short time.

  11. Allison Iraheta isn’t a unique singer. She has mentioned in interivews how she has bene a PINK fan since she was little. That explains why she sounds exactly like her. From the huskiness to the RnB soulful notes. At first i thought Allison was unique. After she mentioned PINK. i had to listen to PINKS music and yeah! that explains alot. She copys her voice alot and if she’s been a fan since she was little im sure she had many years to learn PINKS voice/sound. ALlison Iraheta is not a unique voice that is the reason why the low sales. And the hair Latins already have Shakria & RBD singer DULCE with red hair. more copy cat?

  12. Allison is UNIQUE.
    Her voice is might be similar to Pink’s but her style is unique.
    The only not unique here is you keeping posting the same bs about her around all internet including YouTube. If you don’t like her what is your point going site to site to bash her. What about to get a life? She’ll be successful in the long run and you well will die being more jealous

  13. Found a site called ezwingame that is giving away a free copy of his Christmas DVD and a Susan Boyle Cd…cool stuff..wanted to share

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