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Luna Blaise Slays In New Instagram Selfie As “Manifest” Claims #1 On US Netflix Chart

The “Manifest” actress looks amazing in the new picture.

Luna Blaise via Instagram Story

The final episodes of “Manifest” have officially launched on Netflix — and they are predictably commanding ample interest.

The show, in fact, shot to #1 on the US Netflix TV chart over the weekend. It remains in the pinnacle position on Monday.

Amid the success on streaming, star Luna Blaise has continued her proclivity for strong Instagram content. The actress, who plays Olive on the show, looks phenomenal in a new mirror selfie posted to her Instagram story.

Featured below and available on her story through Tuesday, the stunning picture is sure to capture interest from her 1.4 million followers.

Some of the actress’ other standout Instagram posts follow.


Written by Headline Planet Content Team

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