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“The Gifted” Ends Season One With Two-Hour Finale; 8 Things To Expect

Comprised of the “eXtraction” and “X-roads” episodes, the season one finale airs Monday.

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In the January 1 edition of “The Gifted,” the Mutant Underground agreed to unite with the Frosts in the battle against anti-mutant forces.

Some, however, expressed concern over The Frosts’ violent, kill or be killed outlook.

Both elements come into play during the two-hour season finale.

Key members of the Mutant Underground participate in a theoretically sound plan devised by the Frosts, but not all are comfortable with the execution.

Headline Planet had the opportunity to screen the finale event, which consists of the “eXtraction” and “X-roads” episodes and airs at 8PM ET/PT Monday.

We can’t reveal major spoilers, but we can share some of what you can expect. You can see photos from the finale here.

Flashbacks: Dr. Campbell & Lorna
Each hour of Monday’s season finale includes a flashback.

Dr. Campbell takes center stage in the first flashback. Viewers see Campbell interacting with a family member years prior to the current storyline. He also gives a lecture about the impending mutant vs. human battle.

The second flashback focuses on the moment Lorna was first tapped to help lead the Mutant Underground.

Affairs of Family, Politics
In the previous episode, Sentinel Services used Trask’s combination device to raid a mutant safehouse.

Thanks to that successful siege, Campbell is confident he can garner support to take the hound program national.  His first step in that effort is to rally support at an anti-mutant summit at which Senator Montez is speaking.

Aware of his intention, the Frosts devise a plan to thwart the effort. They head for the summit with Lorna, Clarice, John and Marcos.

Garnering support for the hound program is not, however, Campbell’s only focus. He and Sentinel Services have their eyes on another prize, and it uniquely affects The Struckers. They, accordingly, must spring to action.

Matters of Morality, Hostility
All members of the Mutant Underground believe in defending themselves.

Not all, however, believe in proactive, aggressive violence against anti-mutant forces. Not all believe morality must take a backseat to survival.

The divergence of opinion, which emerged as the group deliberated working with the Frosts in the previous episode, plays a pivotal role in the season finale. The events of the episode repeatedly ask the characters to make tough decisions — and thus reveal their true feelings on matters of morality and hostility.

Andy vs. Lauren
Andy and Lauren have recently developed clashing perspectives regarding the use of their powers. The tension, predictably, continues to escalate in the season finale.

Struckers as Leaders
With John, Marcos and Lorna on the road, The Struckers become the de factor leaders of mutant headquarters.

Do they have what it takes to keep the mutants safe? Can Caitlin overcome resentment/suspicion regarding the fact that she is not a mutant?

Focus on Lorna
The previous episode addressed Lorna’s past, hardline stance toward anti-mutant forces, and her growing abilities.

The season finale also addresses those elements.

More Brotherhood, Hellfire Club References
The season finale includes additional acknowledgement of The Brotherhood and Hellfire Club.

New Mutant Synergy
Having identified the science behind how Lauren and Andy can combine their powers, Dr. Campbell developed a device that allows any two mutant “hounds” to join forces.

We saw an example in the January 1 episode: a pair of mutants leveraged their synthesized power to destroy the safe house and help Sentinel Services arrest numerous mutant fugitives.

Those mutants return – and use their impressive ability – in this week’s episode.

Sentinel Services also unleashes another pair of mutants, whose combined power creates a particularly harrowing situation for the Mutant Underground.

Written by Brian Cantor

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