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5 Hints, Teases for Tonight’s “American Horror Story: Coven” Episode

Wednesday’s “Burn, Witch. Burn,” the second half of the series’ Halloween special, features an unsettling flashback, gratuitous zombie violence, a blackly comedic encounter with toys in the attic and a traumatic act of carnage.

But in a testament to the disturbing “American Horror Story: Coven” status quo, the episode is arguably the least bizarre “Coven” episode to date.

Do not mistake that claim for a sign that the episode is unenjoyable.

Immensely entertaining, irrefutably distressing and significantly relevant to the progression of the season, the episode absolutely makes for a satisfying conclusion to last week’s “Fearful Pranks Ensue.”

And by virtue of introducing a number of new plot possibilities and character traits, “Burn, Witch. Burn” also manages to build even more momentum for the most compelling “Horror Story” to date.

Here are five things to expect:

Mother of the Year
If a normal mother encountered zombified versions of her deceased daughters, she would ceaselessly pray they were still human enough to recognize her.

Madame LaLaurie is not a normal mother. And if that notion somehow eluded you, a flashback in Wednesday’s episode will provide a startling dose of confirmation while permanently removing her names from any ongoing Mother of the Year competitions.

It will also provide evidence to suggest that recognition from her resurrected daughters is likely the last thing for which she should be praying.

And if you ever resented your mother for threatening to wash your mouth out with soap, try imagining yourself in Borquita’s shoes.

Not Dead Walkers
Not your grandfather’s zombies, and certainly not Walkers from “The Walking Dead,” Marie Laveau’s zombies present exponentially more danger. More resilient, more intelligent and more capable of using weapons than common conceptions of zombies, these creatures bring the horror rather than the nuisance. Taking them down requires serious weaponry.

Luckily, this is a very powerful and resourceful group of witches. And two particular weapons, one of which definitely needs to be integrated into “The Walking Dead,” give the women and girls their greatest chance of survival.

When multiple opportunities for resurrection knock Wednesday, you better believe witches come answering!

And one of them could have saved “Masters of Sex” character Libby Masters from a world of heartbreak.

Supreme Tease
Overcome with the same chaotic tendencies as previous “American Horror Story” installments, “Coven” has not yet made its overarching plot trajectory clear.

But insofar as it has operated with some focus, several components of the narrative are absolutely clear.

One such component is the notion of the Supreme. From the get-go, it has been made crystal clear that a new Supreme will emerge, presumably from within the show’s central coven.

Wednesday’s episode does not officially crown a new Supreme, but it offers a major hint about that witch’s identity.

Don’t Forget
When analyzing what you see on screen, never downplay the possibility that a witch is using her power to alter the visual.

If anyone falls, don’t forget that someone might be there to come to his or her rescue.

“Burn, Witch. Burn!” airs Wednesday, November 6 at 10PM ET.

Written by Brian Cantor

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