ABC’s “V” Suffers Big Ratings Drop, “Melrose Place” Back to Low

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Though a drop was inevitable given the role curiosity played in the premiere rating, ABC was undoubtedly hoping “V” could avoid a sizable second week tumble. It did not.

While the week two “V” rating–10.7 million viewers and a 3.7 adults 18-49 rating–was strong by any realistic measurement, it represented a decline of nearly 30% from last week’s bow. The drop was enough to allow “NCIS” (20.2 million, 4.2) to reclaim the 8PM hour and hastily nix the notion that “V” would breakout as a legitimate ratings powerhouse.

The “V” decline was undoubtedly the most newsworthy ratings story Tuesday–most shows were within typical territory for the night. If looking for disappointment outside of the ABC sci-fi series, one would need to look at The CW’s “Melrose Place,” which returned to its series low 0.7 adults 18-49 rating. With just 1.3 million viewers, the show is at its bottom as it prepares for Heather Locklear’s return to the franchise next Tuesday.

  • amon

    Great news,here’s hoping the ratings drop even further, leading to swift cancellation,paving the way for Ken Johnsons cinematic vesrion that WILL deliver the goods, instead of this sham that is unworthy of the name “V”

  • Adrian Forrest

    I’m enjoying the show, it is moving at a nice pace with good characters. Lets forget about the original till this has atleast shown what it can do.

    As for a movie, whilst i love KJ, can a 2hr film do the story justice? No!! Simple.

  • amon

    yes it can, Kenny has shown what a good film maker he is, just wait and see, we’ll get something far superior to this V-lite that’s currently on tv, and if that’s succesful, we’ll also get The Second Generation.

  • amon

    and the ratings drop even further-I really hope cancellation looms….

  • DMB

    I love this new version as I loved the first………….

    V rocks

  • Marc Antony

    This is an excellent remake of the original series. Good actors, coherent storyline and nice effects. Hopefully, it will succeed in attracting a nice solid core following to even-up the ratings. I love it.