WWE Wrestlers Expect a Popular Diva To Leave

As an ongoing WWE storyline “rib” appeared connected to past stories of lockerroom heat, few in the media truly considered the fact that the subject of the mockery could be preparing to leave the company.

But according to, that WWE individual could indeed leave when her contract expires. The belief among wrestlers right now is that Mickie James, who has had her weight mocked via the “Piggy James” gag on television in recent weeks, will leave when her contract ends so that she can get fully behind her music career.

The story, which claims that WWE is treating the Diva poorly on television as a “send-off” of sorts, is not confirmed–those skeptical of the idea that James is leaving can point to Jim Ross, who WWE consistently mocks despite viewing as a truly valuable part of the company. The entire “Piggy James” stunt could, after all, simply have been designed to address James’ weight issue.

Nonetheless, if the F4W report is true, the lockerroom does expect Mickie to part ways at the expiration of her contract.

Written by Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor is the editor-in-chief for Headline Planet. He has been a leading reporter in the music, movie, television and sporting spaces since 2002.

Brian's reporting has been cited by major websites like BuzzFeed, Billboard, the New Yorker and The Fader -- and shared by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

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  1. I sincerely hope this is not true but if it is my reason for caring about the women’s division leaves with Mickie. When is her contract actually up?

  2. I think that the WWE is dropping the ball on the women’s division. Mickie James is one of the few divas in that can actually wrestle, and if she leaves then all you have left is Natalia, Beth, and Melina. As for Gail Kim, what’s going on with her? She was great in TNA, you would think that the WWE woud want to capitalize on that talent but so far she hasn’t made any real noise. It should come as no surprise to the WWE or anyone that you see female talent moving towards TNA since the women’s division is so much more fun to whatch. The women compete harder and they seem more like legitimate athletes.
    Don’t get me wrong, I oove the WWE but I really think they need to take a hard look at the women’s division. Tits and Ass will only take you so far.

  3. I thank Mickey has real as a wrestler. If she wants to work o her music career I wish her the best. WWE is wasting Gail Kim . She also has real talent. WWE should take some notes from TNA on the women’s divison. They have some good women wrestlers that could steal the show. Maybe thats what Vince is afraid of. I say let the women showcase their talent.

  4. It breaks my heart to see Mickie being treated like this. I hope that she is not leaving WWE because I love Mickie. She is a beautiful woman and wonderful role model to young fans and she is one of the best wrestlers in the entire business. WWE and the wrestling business without her will not be the same (at least for me). Vince McMahon, the writers, and all of those pushing this agenda… I hope they burn in Hell for what they are doing if this is indeed true and they are trying to mock and hurt this wonderful young woman based on the fact she has a dream of doing something alongside her wrestling career. If they can’t handle that she wants to make music (like Chris Jericho and others have done alongside their wrestling career), they can burn. Mickie is amazing and I really hope the best for her above all others involved in this story.

  5. Unfortunately once again Vince McMahon and the WWE are misusing some of the best wrestling talent. It goes back as far as the early 80’s. Think about it, remember when Vader was in the WWE. The man held 20 plus titles on 6 continents, but was beaten by Mark Henry more than once, be serious. Mickie James is the best technical wrestler above Gail Kim and Beth Phoneix. Get rid of the rest of the pretty, useless “superstars”. Matter of fact, bring back Bull Nakano.

  6. I Love Mickie,too.I seriously hope the
    rumours are just rumours.I don’t know why
    the WWE is doing the “Piggy James”crap.
    She is not fat! Also,McMahon has no respect for the Women’s Division.He’s the
    Biggest Chauvanist in Wrestling.And as for Gail,she is Very Misused and cheated by
    the “Boss” and his “Henchwriters”!If anyone,besides Mickie deserves to be champion,it’s Gail.
    Also,I’d Love to see Mariko Yoshida
    join WWE as an Important Wrestler.Perhaps
    she and Gail could team up as the Asian
    Invasion and kick butt!

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