After narrowly missing #1 last week, Chris Young's "Who I Am With You" is hoping to hold off Joe Nichols' "Yeah" on this week's country radio chart.

Hoping its legacy will not be defined by last week’s unfortunate twist of fate, Chris Young’s “Who I Am With You” is pushing towards an official number one ranking on Mediabase’s country radio airplay chart.

Last week, Chris Young’s “Who I Am With You” reached #1 on the Saturday edition of Mediabase’s rolling country radio airplay chart. It then lost its position to Tyler Farr’s “Whiskey in My Water” on Sunday’s chart before returning to #1 on Monday’s listing.

The problem? The data featured in Sunday’s chart informs Mediabase’s official, published listing of country radio’s most-played tunes. “Who I Am With You” might have spent some time as country radio’s most-played song, but as far as Mediabase was concerned, “Whiskey in My Water,” not “Who I Am With You,” was last week’s #1 on the format.

And with Joe Nichols’ “Yeah” hot on its heels, it seemed unlikely “Who I Am With You” would contend for the #1 position on this week’s chart.

Things do not always play out as expected. While “Yeah” is the reigning #1 on Billboard’s version of the country airplay chart, Young’s “Who I Am With You” remains #1 on Mediabase’s rolling chart. It received 96 more spins than “Yeah” over the seven days ending July 18.

If it can retain the data for one more day, it will secure a #1 on the official, published edition of the Mediabase country chart. “Yeah,” which is the reigning #1 on Billboard’s country airplay listing, would settle for #2 on Mediabase.