With roots dating back to 2002, Headline Planet is the web’s most trusted source for entertainment news and analysis.  It is part of the eNewsZone Media Network.

Now an internationally-recognized content powerhouse with industry relationships spanning the entertainment, mixed martial arts and pro wrestling sectors, the website began humbly as Spark Wrestling in March 2002.  Initially a hobby website that featured commentary on pro wrestling, the site soon took off—reaching a steady audience of several thousand unique visitors a day.  Re-branded as First-Hand Wrestling, the hobby website quickly grew into a top five pro wrestling industry news destination.  If someone went looking for the best in pro wrestling news and information, he undoubtedly found FHWrestling.

As the audience grew, so did the demand for a more comprehensive destination for news and insight relevant to the young, 13-34 demographic.  FHWrestling thus evolved into eNewsZone, which made waves as the very first website of its kind–the only mixed media website that offered truly extensive, male-targeted coverage of wrestling, mixed martial arts, sports, music, television and movies on the same page.  With tens of millions of monthly hits, eNewsZone produced a number of popular spin-off websites–PoliticsForTeens, which was one of the most visited websites on the Internet during the 2004 election and actually beat major media sources in calling certain states on election night, TVFrenzy, which became the ultimate insider’s guide to the television industry, WrestleDope, a satire website that became the fastest growing wrestling website in history and OnlyUFC, a leading source for UFC news and play-by-play.

The most important spin-off, however, was Headline Planet, which took a no-nonsense approach to news.  With severe limitations on the “fake links” that plague so many wrestling and entertainment websites and fast-loading, frequently-updated content, Headline Planet made a true impact in the industry, garnering attention from fans and the entertainment/wrestling/MMA newsmakers themselves.

Headline Planet has since evolved from a side project to the flagship property of the eNewsZone Media Network, but with a brand new design and brand new energy, it remains committed to providing viewers with the very best in wrestling, entertainment and mixed martial arts content.