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“The Gifted” Ends Season One With Two-Hour Finale; 8 Things To Expect

In the January 1 edition of “The Gifted,” the Mutant Underground agreed to unite with the Frosts in the battle against anti-mutant forces. Some, however, expressed concern over The Frosts’ violent, kill or be killed outlook. Both elements come into play during the two-hour season finale. Key members of the Mutant Underground participate in a theoretically sound plan devised by the Frosts, but not all are comfortable with the execution. Headline Planet had the opportunity to screen the finale event, which consists of the “eXtraction” and “X-roads” episodes and airs at 8PM ET/PT Monday. We can’t reveal major spoilers, but ... Read more

Stewie & Brian Take Center Stage In Family Guy’s 300th Episode; What To Expect In “Dog Bites Bear”

Peter may be the “lead character,” but Stewie and Brian Griffin have long represented the show’s collective heart. Their storylines and relationship often yield the most compelling, most creative, most lastingly humorous moments on the show. Fans and critics generally recognize their “Road To” episodes as highlights of the series. One or both characters have also taken center stage in other milestone episodes, including the show’s 100th and 200th installments. It should consequently come as no surprise that they are the focal point of the 300th episode. The episode is called “Dog Bites Bear,” and the title is not at ... Read more

Review: FOX’s “9-1-1” Premiere Is Surprisingly Basic, But The Acting Is Predictably Strong

On the one hand, the concept and promotion for FOX’s “9-1-1” suggest that the show is a fairly conventional procedural in the vein of the dramas one may find on NBC. On the other hand, it was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who are certainly not known for basic, straightforward television. It was therefore natural to wonder whether the advertising campaign was misleading.  Clearly, “9-1-1” had to involve some Ryan Murphy-esque twist. Based on the pilot episode, it does not. “9-1-1” follows a group of emergency first responders in the Los Angeles area. Key characters include 9-1-1 operator/dispatcher ... Read more

“The Gifted” Returns On New Year’s Day; 7 Things To Expect In “3 X 1” Episode

Only three hours of “The Gifted” remain this season. One of those hours airs on New Year’s Day. The fall finale saw Esme, through aggressive, murderous means, help numerous mutants (including Andy, Lauren and Clarice) escape the custody of Sentinel Services. She also revealed herself as one of the identical Frost sisters (Stepford Cuckoos). Entitled “3 X 1,” Monday’s new “The Gifted” picks up in the aftermath of that finale. In addition to providing plenty of insight into the Frost sisters, the episode reveals how the key entities — the Mutant Underground, Sentinel Services and Trask — are responding to ... Read more

Maze Takes Center Stage In Monday’s Lucifer; 6 Things To Expect

She has tremendous chemistry with her fellow cast members. She regularly steals scenes. Her name is Lesley-Ann Brandt, and she plays Maze on “Lucifer.” On this week’s “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” episode, she takes center stage. Her foray into bounty hunting initially proved fulfilling, but it has since become stale. She is too cunning and powerful for her targets. There is never a threat of failure. Without that threat, there is little thrill. Aiming to reignite the flame, Lesley-Ann Brandt seeks a particularly challenging target. She finds one in Ben Rivers (guest star Chris L McKenna). Rivers is a ... Read more

FOX’s “The Gifted” Continues Monday Night; 7 Things To Expect In “rX” Episode

Last week, FOX’s “The Gifted” debuted with a premiere Headline Planet called “energetic” and “engaging.” The action continues Monday night. Entitled “rX,” the episode airs in the immediate aftermath of last week’s premiere. John, Marcos, Clarice and three of the Struckers avoided Sentinel Services by teleporting to the Mutant Underground. Reed, the Strucker family patriarch, was not so lucky. The portal closed before he could enter, leaving the frightened family separated. How will last week’s events affect the key characters? What new challenges await the mutants as they attempt to survive in a hostile world? “rX” begins to answer some ... Read more

ABC’s “The Mayor,” “Kevin (Probably) Saves The World” Premiere Tuesday Night (Reviews)

Tuesday night marks the premiere of ABC’s “Block Party” lineup. In addition to returning series “The Middle,” “Fresh Off The Boat,” and “black-ish,” the lineup includes new half-hour comedy “The Mayor” and new hour-long dramedy “Kevin (Probably) Saves The World.” “The Mayor” delivers one of the year’s most enjoyable pilots. It is certainly not the funniest show you will find on television, but it may be one of the most fun. The “Kevin (Probably) Saves The World” premiere is nowhere near as effective, but it still offers some charm. Let’s look at the series. The Mayor – 9:30PM ET THE ... Read more

FOX’s Familiar, Yet Compelling “The Gifted” Premieres Monday Night (Review)

FOX’s “The Gifted” premieres Monday night. In a TV marketplace that includes numerous superhero/comic-themed series, “The Gifted” does not register as particularly gamechanging or groundbreaking. It does not reinvent the superhero genre, let alone elevate the state of dramatic television. It does, however, make for a very entertaining viewing experience. Fast-paced, well-acted and unquestionably compelling, “The Gifted” should resonate with premiere night viewers. Ahead of Monday’s premiere (9PM ET/PT), we’re pleased to share a quick breakdown/review: What to know: “The Gifted” centers on the “X-Men” universe, in which mutations have provided some individuals with supernatural abilities. Society does not welcome ... Read more

“STAR” Season 2 Premieres Tonight; 10 Things To Expect In “The Winner Takes It All”

Season one of “STAR” aired while FOX’s “Empire” was on winter hiatus. Season two of “STAR” will air concurrently with the flagship FOX drama. September 27 marks the start of FOX’s new Wednesday lineup. Season four of “Empire” will air in the 8PM hour, while season two of “STAR” will occupy the 9PM slot. Given that both series are musical dramas co-created by Lee Daniels, the synergy should be abundantly obvious. In an effort to underscore that point, the two dramas nonetheless incorporate a special crossover storyline into their respective season premieres. As part of the storyline, “STAR” character Carlotta ... Read more

FOX’s “The Orville” Is Watchable But Completely Disposable (Premiere Review)

A classic episode of “Seinfeld” finds George Costanza pitching his sitcom to NBC executive Russell Dalrymple. “So why am I watching it,” questions Dalrymple regading the perplexing “show about nothing.” “Because it’s on TV!” answers Costanza. That same logic seems to be at the center of FOX’s new sci-fi comedy “The Orville.” It may not be a show about nothing, but the only reason to watch it is because it’s on TV. There was a time in which that would have been a compelling enough reason. Unfortunately for “The Orville,” we are in a vastly different era. We are in ... Read more