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Miley Cyrus Helps Crystal Bowersox Dominate On “American Idol”

On paper, the idea of teen Disney star Miley Cyrus mentoring the eleven remaining “American Idol” contestants struck a nerve for the bulk of the show’s critics and diehard fans. …
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Siobhan Magnus Tops Even Crystal Bowersox on “American Idol”

Throughout the semifinals, previously-unhyped Siobhan Magnus started gaining traction with “American Idol” fans and critics. But because she had yet to truly nail a performance, there was some doubt about …
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Michael Lynche, Andrew Garcia Are High and Low on “American Idol”

Based on the volume of coverage they received in the pre-taped portion of the competition, Michael Lynche and Andrew Garcia were undoubtedly the frontrunners going into the “American Idol” semifinals.

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Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott Own the Stage on “American Idol”

Though Tuesday’s “American Idol” finally brought two one-time frontrunners out of their shells, it was the consistent female standouts that ultimately stole the show.

Those individuals–Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott–were …
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Not Even Katie Stevens, Crystal Bowersox Impress On “American Idol”

The early “American Idol” performance episodes are rarely slam dunks, but the judges usually find one or two contestants to hype as the future of the competition.

That was not …
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Michael Richards Steals Show as “Seinfeld” Reunites on “Curb”

No principal cast member from the blockbuster 1990s comedy sensation “Seinfeld” has flirted with the top of the world since the show ended in 1998. While Jerry Seinfeld continues his …
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“Flash Forward” Not Terrible, But Definitely No “Lost” (Review)

Headline Planet’s exclusive review of ABC’s “Flash Forward” (before it airs).

When serialized dramas like “Lost,” “24” and “Prison Break” emerged as the series of choice for many television viewers …
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“Glee” Is Hilarious, Entertaining, Yet Lacking Surprising Ingredient

The “Glee” pilot, which aired after the penultimate “American Idol” episode this season, was built around the cast’s show-stopping rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing.” Cliched as it was at the …
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