Solid “Homeland” Finale Tainted By Weak Logic, No “Mole” Reveal

Logic was not the best friend of Showtime’s dramas “Dexter” and “Homeland” this week.

Following its worst-reviewed season to date, “Dexter” ended its sixth year with an utterly-predictable final reveal, …
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“How I Met Your Mother” Rebounds From Robin Pregnancy, Features Fake-Out

As the “How I Met Your Mother” writers had to have expected, Monday’s follow-up to “Rebound Girl” has generated some harsh criticism from fans who were angered by the “fake-out.” …
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Drew Rebounds, Josh Krajcik Stumbles on “The X Factor”

When the live performance shows began on “The X Factor,” Headline Planet declared their superiority to even the best live “American Idol” shows. In recent weeks, that assessment has become …
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“Walking Dead” Rebounds from Boring Season with Well-Executed Finale

Sorry, there is no argument. Episodes two through six of the current “The Walking Dead” season sucked.

Sure, some had moments, and some were better than others, but at …
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Strong “X Factor” Brings Melanie Amaro “Moment,” Lakoda Rayne Issue

For the first time in the finals, a real potential winner emerged from the pack of “X Factor” contestants–over 30s participant Josh Krajcik.

Krajcik’s haunting, powerful rendition of “Wild Horses” …
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“How I Met Your Mother” Ruins Great Episode with Robin Pregnancy, Fake Husband

Based on the series-high ratings, fans have never been more into “How I Met Your Mother” than they are this season. After three great seasons, followed by three uneven ones, …
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“X Factor” Has First Off Night, Chris Rene, Stacy Francis Struggle

It oddly cannot seem to find its footing with some prominent online critics, but “The X Factor,” unequivocally, had delivered three consecutive performance shows that would be all-time classics by …
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“Glee” Delivers With Excellent “First Time” Episode; Beiste Steals the Show

Tuesday’s “The First Time” episode of “Glee” is built around the first sexual encounters between Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine, and it delivers in a big way.

But …
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“Allen Gregory” is No “Family Guy,” But Jonah Hill Says It Brings Something Fresh

Let’s get this out of the way right now–FOX’s new animated series “Allen Gregory” is not “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy.”

But, to its credit, it’s also not as dreadfully …
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Drew, Josh Krajcik Steal Show as “X Factor” Reveals Top 12

As if critics needed another reason to call it a shame that the “The X Factor” audience is half the size of the “American Idol” audience–Tuesday’s performance show made even …
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