Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox Disappoint on “American Idol”

In recent weeks, the “American Idol” frontrunner pack has essentially limited itself to two contestants–Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. Both are judge favorites, both have remained out of the bottom …
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Siobhan Magnus, Casey James, Aaron Kelly Disappoint on “American Idol”

Borrowing a reaction from judge Simon Cowell, Tuesday’s Inspirational Songs-themed edition of “American Idol” was anything but inspirational.

With all seven remaining contestants–yes, that includes Tim Urban–having demonstrated an ability …
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Tim Urban, Lee DeWyze Rock Elvis Night on “American Idol”

Aware of Tim Urban’s proclivity to incorporate goofball antics into his performances, ala Jon Peter Lewis, who would have ever predicted that he would outperform frontrunner Crystal Bowersox on Elvis …
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Review: “Glee” Returns with Decent Episode, But “Madonna” Brings Magic

No network show in the past few years has returned with as much pressure to deliver as FOX’s “Glee.”

Even with the benefit of the “American Idol” lead-in for its …
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Casey James Joins Crystal Bowersox Atop “American Idol” Pack Tuesday

In one of the more bizarre, critically-panned “American Idol” seasons to date, one thing has been consistent: Crystal Bowersox always brings something special to the stage. But in recent weeks, …
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Siobhan Magnus Can’t Touch Michael Lynche on “American Idol”

A combination of a male mentor in Usher and the suitability of the soul/R&B theme led the “American Idol” males to run the table this Tuesday.

Of the females, only …
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Miley Cyrus Helps Crystal Bowersox Dominate On “American Idol”

On paper, the idea of teen Disney star Miley Cyrus mentoring the eleven remaining “American Idol” contestants struck a nerve for the bulk of the show’s critics and diehard fans. …
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Siobhan Magnus Tops Even Crystal Bowersox on “American Idol”

Throughout the semifinals, previously-unhyped Siobhan Magnus started gaining traction with “American Idol” fans and critics. But because she had yet to truly nail a performance, there was some doubt about …
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Michael Lynche, Andrew Garcia Are High and Low on “American Idol”

Based on the volume of coverage they received in the pre-taped portion of the competition, Michael Lynche and Andrew Garcia were undoubtedly the frontrunners going into the “American Idol” semifinals.

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Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott Own the Stage on “American Idol”

Though Tuesday’s “American Idol” finally brought two one-time frontrunners out of their shells, it was the consistent female standouts that ultimately stole the show.

Those individuals–Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott–were …
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