BANKS’ “Beggin for Thread” Impacts Alt Radio in September

Her catchiest, most accessible release to date, “Beggin for Thread” likely represents BANKS’ best weapon for breaking into the pop realm.

But before any sort of pop push comes to fruition, the song will search for an audience at the alternative radio format.

Per the All Access trade, BANKS’ new single, which recently received high-profile exposure on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” will impact alternative on September 16.

While radio impact dates are always subject to change (case-in-point: All Access says Sheppard’s “Geronimo” will also impact on 9/16, but label Republic says the scheduled arrival date is 9/2), the listing confirms that the Harvest Records/Capitol Records team indeed sees airplay in the song’s future.

“Beggin for Thread” appears on BANKS’ debut full-length “Goddess.” That album, which also features songs like “Brain,” “Drowning,” “This is What it Feels Like” and the title track, arrives on September 9.

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