Jana Kramer's "Love" is currently one of country's Top 40 songs.

It has not been lighting up the genre in the vein of her earlier hit “Why Ya Wanna,” but Jana Kramer’s “Love” is not done working to earn itself a place on the country radio radar.

And as of Monday, it is one of the Top 40 songs on Mediabase’s rolling airplay chart.

While it has yet to go higher than #41 on the official, Sunday-Saturday version of the chart, it ranked as country’s #40 song for the period between Monday, august 18 and Sunday, August 24. “Love” garnered 917 spins and 4.79 million audience impressions within that window.

To secure a Top 40 position on the published Mediabase chart, “Love” will need to remain in the mix through next Sunday. Insofar as it is presently only rising at a rate of 32 spins/week within a very crowded country atmosphere, it will not be immune from difficulty in holding that ground.

The song is, however, already in the Top 40 on the audience-based Billboard Country Airplay chart.