Nicki Minaj Debuts “Anaconda” Video; Drake, Tons of Booty Featured

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj teased her sexy new “Anaconda” video by writing, “Just saw the Anaconda Video. This will be every man’s favorite video for a long time to come.”

Beginning today, we will find out if the clip loves up to the hype.

As midnight struck, Minaj launched official video for her racy–and buzzworthy–new single.

And, no, Minaj did not subvert expectations by going with something safe and conservative. The video is as full of booty and sexuality as one familiar with the lyrics would expect.

It also features a cameo from Drake, who receives a personal chair dance from Minaj.

Does it live up to the build? Is it sufficiently sexy? Check it out — and then comment away!

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