Summerslam Result: Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Aiming to solidify Brock Lesnar’s dominance, WWE booked its Summerslam main-event as a completely one-sided affair.

Save for some fluke moments of offense from Cena–albeit ones that included desperate implementations of his Attitude Adjustment and STF finishers–Lesnar completely dominated the fifteen time world champion en route to a victory.

That dominance, according to a statistical statement from WWE’s announcers, included sixteen German suplexes.

As a result of the dominant affair, Lesnar, as had been widely expected, leaves Summerslam with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Other results from the show:

*Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton.
*Stephanie McMahon beat Brie Bella with assistance from Nikki Bella, who turned on her sister.
*Bray Wyatt defeated Chris Jericho.
*Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose.
*Rusev defeated Jack Swagger via technical submission (Swagger, refusing to tap, passed out from the Accolade).
*Paige defeated AJ to win the Divas Championship.
*Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz to win the IC Championship.
*RVD defeated Cesaro.