Taylor Swift posts the latest clue for her new single, and its meaning is less obvious than the first one.

She never said they were all going to be obvious.

After posting a fairly straightforward “clue” for her new single earlier this week, Taylor Swift left things a bit more ambiguous in the second tease.

Posted on Twitter and Instagram Wednesday, the “clue” is a screenshot from her phone with “5:00” in the time section. The most common early guess is that “5:00” refers to the time at which the new song will be released, but that intimation comes with far less certainty than the guess that the “18” in the first clue referred to a planned August 18 release date.

While the Twitter version of the screenshot also includes a drawing with a brief written message, the Instagram version crops the message out of the picture. It is therefore unclear whether either the drawing or message carries relevance to the “clue.”

All indications suggest that Taylor Swift will debut her new song on August 18 and then perform it live on the August 24 MTV Video Music Awards broadcast. Her fifth studio album is expected to follow in October.

Taylor Swift's Latest New Single Clue

Taylor Swift’s Latest New Single Clue