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Katy Perry Debuts “This is How We Do” Lyric Video

Katy Perry [RIAA]

Judged against traditional standards, virtually everything Katy Perry releases is a hit.

Judged against the artist’s personal, “number one or bust” standard, only two of the four “PRISM” singles have been successful.

First single “Roar” and third single “Dark Horse” both cruised to number one on the Hot 100, while second single “Unconditionally” and fourth single “Birthday” peaked at numbers 14 and 17, respectively. The first singles since 2009’s “Thinking of You” to fall short of the top 10 on the chart, they do not represent highlights of Perry’s career.

Hoping to return to her chart-topping form, Perry is officially beginning the push for fifth “PRISM” single “This is How We Do.” And insofar as the sassy, party-loving lyrics are the song’s key drawing card and will thus be the driver of its success or failure, the push begins with the release of the “This is How We Do” lyric video.

That follows:

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