Charli XCX, Neon Trees to Perform on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

Entering the second half of its two week hiatus, NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” will not produce new episodes this week.

When it resumes production next week, however, it will play host to performances from a pair of notable pop acts.

Officially confirming what the artists at least one of the artists had informally revealed, NBC announced Charli XCX and Neon Trees as musical guests for next week’s “Late Night” tapings.

Charli XCX will perform on the Monday, July 7 broadcast, while Neon Trees takes the stage on July 9.

NBC revealed that Brian Williams and Chrissy Teigen will serve as interview guests on the July 7 broadcast; an interview with Andy Serkis (and potentially an additional to-be-determined guest) will lead into the Neon Trees performance.

NBC’s updated “Late Night” listings follow:

**Monday, July 7: Guests Brian Williams, Chrissy Teigen and musical guest Charli XCX. Show 0065.

**Tuesday, July 8: Guests Gary Oldman, The Kratt Brothers and Jeff Koons. Show 0066.

**Wednesday, July 9: Guest Andy Serkis and musical guest Neon Trees. Show 0067.

**Thursday, July 10: Guests Keri Russell, Kevin Millar & Sean Casey and Michelle Wolf. Show 0068.

**Friday, July 11: Guests Al Roker, Jenny Slate and Paul Haggis. (OAD: 6/19/14).

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