On the heels of Daniel Bryan’s victory at Extreme Rules, WWE is working to finalize a plan for his WWE World Heavyweight title defense at the upcoming Payback event.

According to F4WOnline.com, WWE has long been hoping to book a match between Daniel Bryan and Dave Batista. It would still prefer to go in that direction.

Working against that option is the fact that Batista is reportedly set to embark on a hiatus from the company. While there had been–and still is–talk of extending his run through the next pay-per-view, he is thus far only confirmed for this week’s television.

If his run does conclude this week, it is likely Batista’s storyline focus will remain on The Shield. The potential match with Daniel Bryan would be delayed until his return.

Knowing the Batista-Bryan match might not be on the cards, WWE kept the door open for a rematch between Daniel Bryan and Kane. By quickly recovering from his burns and pinfall loss, Kane assured his continued viability as a challenger for Bryan’s title.

If they indeed wrestle at the next show, it will reportedly be in a Buried Alive match.