After welcoming a whopping ten songs into the fold last week, country radio will settle for a light–but interesting–update this week.

Only two songs are scheduled to impact the format; both come from newcomers looking to not only gain traction for their songs but for their presences within the country community.

The two tracks set to impact country radio on May 5 follow:

Stephanie Quayle – Sugar High
Released to iTunes earlier this spring, “Sugar High” serves as the lead single from the planned follow-up to Quayle’s “Stand Back” EP. Written by Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace and Steve McEwan and produced by Ilya Toshinsky, the low-key tune provides a platform for Quayle to demonstrate her intimate and inviting vocal prowess.

Chasin’ Crazy – That’s How We Do Summertime
Playing like a cross between Scotty McCreery and Gloriana, “That’s How We Do Summertime” is overtly campaigning to become one of country’s sounds of the summer. If successful, the song would represent a breakthrough hit for Chasin’ Crazy, which manager RPM Entertainment is pushing as a “boy band that can actually write, play and sing.”