Sunday’s “Total Divas” revealed that former WWE Superstar Rikishi and his son Jonathan “Jimmy Uso” Fatu were not on regular speaking terms. It introduced (albeit later disproved) the notion that he might object to his son marrying the non-Samoan Trinity (WWE Diva Naomi). It confirmed that he, despite assuring he would be attendance, ended up missing his son’s wedding due to a “last-minute appearance.”

Not since he ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin has Solofa “Rikishi” Fatu, Jr. been portrayed so notably as a heel.

But if the veteran is to be believed, the events chronicled on the “Total Divas” episode were as legitimate as one of Rikishi’s pro wrestling storylines.

“Sometimes the storylines of reality TV mirror those of Wrestling,” Tweeted Rikishi in response to Sunday’s edition of the E! reality series. “Remember there is very little REAL in reality TV.”

Neither Trinity nor Jonathan has commented on the situation.