Glee: Rachel Tries for TV, Blaine Meets MacLaine in “Back-Up Plan”

FOX Image: Glee's Back-Up Plan

This week’s “Glee” might mark the “opening night” of Rachel’s dream gig in “Funny Girl,” but it will not be the fifth season’s closing night.

Three episodes will follow Tuesday’s “Opening Night,” and the first involves Rachel (Lea Michele) exploring territory beyond the stage.

The show’s central character, per FOX’s synopsis, will audition for a television pilot in the April 29 episode, which is dubbed “Back-Up Plan.”

And Rachel will not be the only character exploring lucrative new territory. Mercedes (Amber Riley) will attempt to loop Santana (Naya Rivera) in on her record deal, while Blaine forms what could be a beneficial friendship with elderly socialite June Dolloway (guest star Shirley MacLaine).

High-resolution production photos follow (click the thumbnails for full-sized images):

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