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Backstage Look: “Glee” Debuts “New New York,” “Mindy Project” Returns


Despite lacking original episodes of flagship “New Girl” and Golden Globe winner “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” FOX is set to commence an interesting week of live action comedy.

The fun begins on Tuesday, when “Glee” begins its era of permanent focus on New York. In relocating from Lima’s WMHS to the fast-paced Big Apple, characters like Blaine, Sam and Artie will help create a “New New York.”

Leading out of “Glee” will be the returning “The Mindy Project.” With “New Girl” enjoying a night off, two episodes of the Mindy Kaling vehicle will air on FOX.

Thursday night will feature the second episode of FOX’s new series “Surviving Jack.” How the series fares in week two could prove very helpful in evaluating whether “Jack” can “Survive” on FOX.

Friday will then feature the series finale of FOX’s critically acclaimed but low-rated “Raising Hope.”

In support of its comedy week, FOX issued behind-the-scenes photos. Click the thumbnails for the full-size images:

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