There was a time during which any competition episode–be it focused on Sectionals, Regionals or Nationals–marked a major event in the “Glee” universe.

This is not one of those times.

Two seasons in the making, the upcoming nationals competition, which airs in next week’s “City of Angels,” has been reduced to a temporarily roadblock on the path to a far more significant milestone.

That milestone, the 100th episode of “Glee,” airs under the name “100” on March 18.

The heavily anticipated episode, which features new versions of popular “Glee” covers and the return of several “original” “Glee” cast members, will also bring some heartbreak. By the end of the two-parter, the New Directions will be done, several characters will be on their way out and the Lima chapter of the story will come to a close.

For now, however, focus on the positive. Several fan favorites (former regulars and guest stars) are returning to “Glee.” And FOX issued high-resolution publicity photos to celebrate the occasion (to access them, click the thumbnail, then click the resulting image)!