On Tuesday, the “American Idol” judges denied frequently showcased teen girls Kenz Hall and Austin Wolfe the opportunity to perform for America’s vote.

On Wednesday, the judges opted to withhold that opportunity from two of the competition’s youngest male performers.

Teenage contestants Jordan Brisbane and Briston Maroney did not receive the opportunity to perform during Wednesday’s live male semifinal. Fellow hopefuls Casey Thrasher, Ethan Harris and Maurice Townsend also ended up in that unlucky bottom five.

Their omission from the competitive portion meant that Caleb Johnson, CJ Harris, Emmanuel Zidor, Sam Woolf, George Lovett, Dexter Roberts, Alex Preston, Malcolm Allen, Ben Briley and Spencer Lloyd all received the opportunity to vie for America’s vote.

The five girls and five guys who receive the most votes will automatically advance into the “American Idol” finals. The judges will then select three wildcards to complete the list of finalists. Only those chosen to perform Tuesday and Wednesday are eligible for wildcard consideration.