Last weekend, they stole the show at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. This weekend, the tandem of breakthrough pop-rock act Imagine Dragons and rap phenom Kendrick Lamar rocked the “Saturday Night Live” stage.

The two acts reunited to perform their electric remix of “Radioactive” on a night that was certainly not lacking energy. In addition to Imagine Dragons’ passionate rendition of “Demons,” the night also featured hosting work from the always reliable Melissa McCarthy.

Hosting for the third time in as many seasons, McCarthy again proved her fitness for the “SNL” stage. Game for whatever was thrown at her, McCarthy has a way of making even the flat sketches (and there were definitely some of those this week!) feel fun.

The night’s biggest story, however, concerned longtime cast member and writer Seth Meyers. Set to take over “Late Night” later this month, Meyers waved goodbye to the iconic sketch show after anchoring his final “Weekend Update.”

Highlights from Saturday’s “SNL” follow: