“Justin Bieber’s Believe” Flops at Box Office, “Grudge Match” Disappoints

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Christmas might be internationally recognized as a day of joy, but its box office race was unkind to several new film releases.

Three of the five high-profile Christmas Day releases were asked to settle for box office coal.

“Justin Bieber’s Believe,” the most notable flop, reportedly earned just $1.2 million on Christmas. Though its modest release scope assured it would not command a blockbuster tally, its actual earnings irrefutably warrant the dreaded flop label.

That label is not, however, reserved for the Bieber concert film. Heavily hyped “Grudge Match” earned just $4 million at the Christmas box office, while big budget “47 Ronin” managed just $6.5 million, according to a report by THR.

On the more positive front, “The Wolf of Wall Street” opened in a race for first with holdover “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Both earned at least $9 million.

Holdover “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” followed with around $8 million, while “American Hustle” and new entry “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” contended for fourth place with at least $7 million.

Previously released films “Frozen” and “Saving Mr. Banks” will also likely land in the Christmas Day top ten.

  • ThomasNeidhart

    oh my, there’s about 20 seats in each row at the theater, so about 5 or 6 rows were filled out of the 20-25 rows on this thing’s first day! that’s bad. have we finally seen the passing fad known as bieber-fever, now that his fan base is growing up and realizing most of them are realizing he’s not worth the time?

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