Batista Return Tease Removed from WWE Advertisement

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It is hard to unsee what has already been seen, especially since what was seen lines up with reports that had been emerging in recent weeks.

But an upcoming event, technically, is no longer advertising a Batista return.

The UNLV Tickets website, which earlier teased its February 16 WWE house show at the Thomas & Mack Center would feature the “special return of ‘The Animal’ Batista,” no longer lists the wrestler in its teaser.

Correspondents add that promotion for the Phoenix show on 2/15, which allegedly also featured Batista’s name at one point, has now been wiped clean of reference to “The Animal.”

Given that the unlikelihood that the venues would have randomly decided to advertise a Batista return–and the fact that many insiders said he was set to work this year’s WrestleMania season before the promotion even went live–most assume the references were removed due to frustration over the leak. At press time, there is no reason to believe talk of a Batista return is inaccurate.