“The X Factor’”s Alex & Sierra Outpacing Jeff Gutt on iTunes

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“The X Factor” duo Alex & Sierra probably does not have another number one single on its hands, but it is once again making its presence felt on iTunes.

“Give Me Love,” the duo’s opening number from Wednesday’s final “XF” performance show, had ascended to number 24 on iTunes at press time. While it is moving slower than last week’s “Gravity” and the prior week’s “Say Something,” it is dramatically outpacing any release from fellow finalists Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero.

“Dream On,” Gutt’s comparable performance, had only reached #139 on iTunes by 4AM ET. “Impossible,” Olivero’s opening number, had not broken the top 200.

Still represented by performances from recent weeks, Alex & Sierra are also charting with their finale version of “Say Something.” A reprisal of their previous blockbuster (which is still at #20), the finale version of “Say Something” is presently at #80.

“Creep,” Gutt’s reprisal, is 110. Olivero’s “Maria Maria” is not in the top 200.

Unlike NBC’s “The Voice,” FOX’s “The X Factor” does not include iTunes sales in its voting process. But there is no reason iTunes rankings should not provide a barometer of fan interest, and if they do in the case of “The X Factor,” optimism is warranted for Alex & Sierra.

“The X Factor” announces its third winner Thursday.

  • Look and live

    The only reason people will buy Alex and Sierra’s performance now is cos it sounds like a studio recording and Jeff on the other hand has all the elements of a great live performance. Wait till Jeff makes an album.