WrestleMania News; Will Hulk Hogan, HBK, Batista, Goldberg Return?

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Even if he were slated to work this year’s show, and many do not believe he will, The Rock’s luster as a draw has certainly faded after three consecutive WWE WrestleMania appearances.

Given that reality, attention has turned to other names WWE could book to make its thirtieth WrestleMania pay-per-view a big deal.

Beyond contracted names Brock Lesnar and Undertaker, both of whom are expected to work ‘Mania, dialogue has most notably focused on a possible Hulk Hogan appearance. According to F4WOnline.com, Hogan has not yet signed with WWE, but most do believe he will be appearing on the show.

As of press time, however, there was significant doubt about whether he, given his decades of wear and tear, would be cleared to wrestle on the event. Current expectations, therefore, are for Hogan simply to make an appearance with very limited physical involvement.

Other names reportedly in the mix:

*Batista: Batista’s name has not been touted as widely as that of other stars, but he is reportedly in very good shape and considered likely to work the show.

*Shawn Michaels: While his recent storyline involvement–and history as the wrestler’s trainer–would suggest a match with Daniel Bryan is in the mix, sources say Michaels has not yet agreed to work the show. Those close to him, in fact, insist he remains deadset against working another match. He will almost certainly appear, however, and there is definitely a vocal minority that believes it will be for a match with WWE’s “Superstar of the Year.”

*Goldberg: That WWE wants Goldberg to work the show is common knowledge. That Goldberg is open to working another match is also common knowledge. The issue now comes down to price; Goldberg, sources say, would require a significant fee to work the show.