Demi Lovato Seemingly Caught Cursing During “The X Factor” Finale

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Demi Lovato just learned the same lesson fellow pop star Taylor Swift did at this past summer’s MTV Video Music Awards: when seated at a live television taping, always assume your reaction will be captured on camera.

Needing to kill time before announcing the winner of this season’s “The X Factor,” the finale broadcast has been airing comedy packages about the various judges. The theme for Lovato’s segment: the fact that she has evidently been drinking “annoying juice” at the judges’ table.

From its onset, the segment, which alternated clips of Lovato drinking a green beverage (which it jokingly labeled “annoying juice”) with instances of the “Skyscraper” singer directing zingers at fellow judge Simon Cowell, seemed to bother the departing judge.

Lovato looked visibly rattled when the segment began, and at one point, appeared to mouth “that’s so fucked up” to her fellow judges.

Clearly affected by a combination of surprise and frustration, Lovato nonetheless composed herself when the segment ended. Asked for a reaction by host Mario Lopez, Lovato, through what seemed like a forced smile, noted, “Since I don’t drink anymore, annoying juice has become my new drink and I love it because I get to annoy Simon with it.”

  • rand wil

    A crass interruption in a night of celebration of some great talent. But she had a point, that was some lame comedy.

    • Rockyxx19

      It was also offensive considering her struggles with sobriety.