Report: Demi Lovato Leaving “The X Factor” After Two Seasons

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Technically, FOX has not even confirmed a fourth season of “The X Factor.” But following Simon Cowell’s comment Monday that the show would indeed be back next year, speculation has begun regarding the associated judging panel.

Speaking alongside contestants Alex & Sierra in a conference call with reporters, Cowell, who noted his own role could change next season, teased more format modifications. And if a PEOPLE report is to be believed, one of those revisions will be the removal of Demi Lovato.

After two seasons as a judge, the actress-singer will reportedly be leaving “The X Factor,” says a PEOPLE Magazine source.

According to the source, “She plans to spend next year completely focused on her music.”

While television critics did not rip Lovato’s performance on the show the way they did those of previous participants Nicole Scherzinger and Britney Spears, Lovato was not considered a highlight “X Factor” attraction.

She was also not successful as a mentor on the show. None of her representative contestants even reached the semifinals of the second and third “X Factor” seasons.