“Homeland” Showrunner Confirms Saul Will Be Back

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By the closing moments of Sunday’s “Homeland” season finale, it was clear that Brody was dead, Saul was out of the CIA and Carrie was on the cusp of taking over the Agency’s station in Istanbul.

Unclear, however, was the direction for next season. With Brody–and thus his central relationship with Carrie–officially out of the picture, what would enter the picture for season four?

Sure, next season will visit with Carrie in the CIA’s Istanbul office. Sure, attention will be paid to whether or not she took her daughter overseas. But what will season four look like?

Neither Showtime nor the “Homeland” producers are adding much to the illustration. The latter group is, however, answering one burning question:

Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) will be a regular character in seasn four.

“Everybody should rest assured that Mandy Patinkin is coming back as a series regular,” says showrunner Alex Gansa in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I can tell you that with 100 percent certainty. Although he’s not at a desk at Langley anymore, the CIA does outsource a lot of jobs to private contractors. He’s going to be in that circle, he’s still in the intelligence-gathering profession and the CIA could use somebody of his immense skills and knowledge for various intelligence work.”