Brian Griffin Returns in Latest “Family Guy” Christmas Episode

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It’s okay. You do not need to cry anymore. After an absence that lasted only one complete episode, Brian Griffin is back on Spooner Street.

Those who felt it impossible that a series as silly and inconsequential as “Family Guy” could elicit emotion endured the cruel gut punch of reality last month. Entitled “Life of Brian,” the November 24 episode featured a shocking car accident that left Brian, the Griffin’s Liberal-leaning family dog, for dead.

In an attempt to sell the permanence of Brian’s death, “Family Guy” introduced Vinny, a replacement dog. Voiced by Tony Sirico, the dog replaced Brian in the opening title song of follow-up episode “Into Harmony’s Way” and in this week’s “Christmas Guy.”

But his presence would ultimately be as fleeting as Brian’s absence. Still heartbroken over Brian’s death, Stewie enlisted Vinny’s help in a plan to restore the beloved dog to the Griffin household.

Upon spotting a time traveling version of his past self at the mall, Stewie used Vinny as a distraction to steal the return pad. After saying goodbye to Vinny, who would not be part of the Griffins’ life if the plan worked, Stewie returned to the moment before the car crash and saved his best friend from danger.

The plan worked – and the entire Griffin family celebrated Christmas together.