The CW’s “Reign” Fall Finale Arrives; Complete First Look at “Fated”

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For better or for worse, one cannot criticize The CW’s “Reign” for holding anything back.

Over the past seven episodes, the series has engaged in every explosive soap opera trope known to man. From sibling rivalries, to attempted rapes, to murders, to conspiracies, to infidelity, to strange girls living in the walls, the fall “Reign” episodes have made the series’ disinterest in the mundane abundantly clear.

Yet the show remains as engaging as it is ever the top. Thanks to its likable characters, intriguing narrative and stellar performances (notably those from Adelaide Kane and Megan Follows), “Reign” has cultivated a passionate fanbase and a healthy dose of media support. The latter is particularly impressive given the fact that the wacky premise–the life of Mary, Queen of Scots inaccurately retold as a teen soap–poisoned the early critical wells.

“Reign” wraps its fall run with Thursday’s “Fated,” and given the pacing of the past seven episodes, there is no reason to believe this one will not be equally enthralling.

Helping to create that excitement will be Nostradums (Rossif Sutherland) who, after a few episodes of light involvement, will caution Mary (Kane) that someone within their close circle is doomed for death. As the usual string of drama unfolds at the castle, the mysterious Clarissa (Katie Boland) will meanwhile expand her presence.

How will “Reign” leave things as it embarks on a holiday hiatus? The answer–along with many new questions–will come during Thursday’s “Fated.”

For now, check out The CW’s official synopsis, images and promotional videos:

Season 1: “Fated”

MARY LEARNS THAT SOMEONE CLOSE TO HER WILL DIE — Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) tells Mary (Adelaide Kane) of his prophecy that one among them will die soon, which causes Mary to make a decision that will forever change her relationship with Francis (Toby Regbo). Clarissa (guest star Katie Boland) becomes bolder with her endeavors, while Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) informs Catherine (Megan Follows) of Diane’s (guest star Anna Walton) plan for Bash (Torrance Coombs), which ends up backfiring. Alan Van Sprang, Jenessa Grant, Anna Popplewell and Celina Sinden also star. Fred Gerber directed the episode written by Laurie McCarthy (#108).