“The Voice’”s Tessanne Chin Wins iTunes Bonus, Jacquie Lee Following

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Update: The voting deadline has arrived, and for the first time this season, “The Voice” will extend its 5x iTunes multiplier bonus to three contestants.

Tessanne Chin‘s “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” Jacquie Lee‘s “Angel” and Will Champlin‘s “Carry On” all ascended to the top ten of iTunes’ overall single sales chart. As a result, NBC’s reality competition will multiply their respective sales counts by five when calculating votes for the week.

As of press time, Chin’s red-hot “Bridge” was number one on the chart. “Angel” and “Carry On” followed at seven and ten, respectively.

Narrowly short in their quest for top ten finishes, Cole Vosbury’s “Shameless” and James Wolpert’s “With or Without You” reach the deadline at twelve and fourteen, respectively.

The final positions:

1) Tessanne Chin – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
7) Jacquie Lee – “Angel”
10) Will Champlin – “Carry On”
12) Cole Vosbury – “Shameless”
14) James Wolpert – “With or Without You”

Update: As Tessanne Chin’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” continues its march towards number one, another “The Voice” contestant has positioned herself for a multipler bonus.

As of 12:30AM, Jacquie Lee’s “Angel” has joined Chin’s “Bridge” in the Top 10 on iTunes’ overall single sales chart.

Assuming both “Bridge” and “Angel” remain in the top ten when voting closes at 11AM ET, their iTunes vote totals will be subject to a 5x multiplier.

And, with more than ten hours remaining in the voting period, they might be the only ones in the mix. At 14 and 16, respectively, Will Champlin’s “Carry On” and Cole Vosbury’s “Shameless” could conceivably make the necessary climb.

James Wolpert’s “With or Without You,” the night’s weakest seller, is presently #21.

With a trip to the finals of “The Voice” on the line, Tessanne Chin has finally translated her on-stage magic into a dominant iTunes performance.

After less than two hours of availability, Chin’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” has ascended into the Top 10 and thus scored a 5x multiplier bonus on its vote (sales) count. As of press time, it was number nine–and rising.

Chin’s first iTunes Top 10 of the season, “Bridge” also represents the fastest-charting song of the season. Matthew Schuler’s “Hallelujah,” this year’s previous standout single, took just over two hours to reach the illustrious Top 10 on iTunes’ overall single sales chart.

This week will also be significant for another reason. In addition to housing the fastest-moving single of the competition, it will also be the first week of the season in which multiple contestants scores iTunes bonuses.

Though Chin’s song is the only one presently in the top ten, Jacquie Lee’s “Angel” is inches away from securing its own bonus. Presently at number eleven, its ascent into bonus territory is likely to happen within minutes, let alone by the close of voting at 11AM.

Cole Vosbury’s “Shameless,” Will Champlin’s “Carry On” and James Wolpert’s “With or Without You” follow at 19, 22 and 32, respectively.

Only three acts advance to next week’s “The Voice” finale. No instant save is available this week.

  • Homakp

    i want a Tessan-Cole-Will finale

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      Me, too!

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    Omg they really like the screaming girl …

    • Joy Hutchinson

      I am baffled by that. Hurts my ears.

  • Joy Hutchinson

    Definitely Tessanne.

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    Tessanne will be in the final and there is no doubt in her that she do her best again ..number 1 for life

  • shaun

    America. Jamaica love u all and we thank u for letting Tessanne gaining this opportunity ..Please vote for her she really has extra-ordinary talent.she deserve a place in the final.Adam you are her BOSS! ONE LOVE!!!

  • Philosopher

    In a perfect world, Top 3: Tessanne, Cole and Will ….. but at the looks of how things are shaping up little miss scream alot might worm her way in, I guess the fans like what they like …